SAPA develops a silent APU for a new combat vehicle

The BP-065 APU generates low acoustic impact

SAPA Placencia signs a new contract for the supply of its Auxiliary Power Units with one of the main European combat vehicle OEMs.

This contract includes the installation of the APU in several vehicle configurations starting in 2020 and expected completion in 2033.

SAPA has been selected thanks to its experience in the design and manufacture of on-board power generators and, especially, due to its skilled engineering capability, which has allowed us to develop a product tailored to the specifications and needs of the client.

The new BP-065 APU is rated over 6.5kW at + 49ºC and 2500 m a.s.l. In addition to the lightness, compactness and efficiency typical of SAPA APUs, this unit is characterized by its minimal acoustic impact, with a sound pressure <75dBA at 2m and no audible noise at 200m.

In this way, the APUs produced by SAPA guarantee the operation of all advanced vehicle systems that contribute to the success of the surveillance and control missions carried out by armed forces around the globe.

SAPA Placencia is part of a group of companies that develop high-performance products in vehicle mobility, electric power generation and anti-aircraft defense systems. With offices in Andoain and Madrid (Spain) and Detroit (USA), SAPA Placencia has been and is committed to defense and technology.