SAPA begins the construction of its production plant in the USA

Photo: The Detroit News

The construction of a new production plant will begin this fall in the municipality of Shelby, where SAPA will locate its productive headquarters in the United States.

The Michigan Strategic Fund approved a $ 2.676 million grant for the project on Tuesday.

“Our goal is to invest 40.1 million dollars in Michigan, creating 223 new jobs in engineering, manufacturing and administration in the next five years.”

As the vice president of SAPA Tranmission, Deniz Balta, explained to The Detroit News, the company has chosen Shelby Township to be close to its largest customers. Among others BAE Systems, General Dynamics Corp. and the Center for Engineering and Development of Automotive Tank Investigation of the United States Army. On the other hand, the high-quality engineering workforce and flexible industrial capabilities of the region have also been taken into account. “Our goal is to take advantage of local production facilities to help keep costs down.”

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