SG 850 transmission

SG 850 transmission

The very high mobility requirements, the reclaim of weight, power & space and the actual relevance of the fuel consumption require a re- thinking and a new vision of the automatic transmission concept and design.

Continuing the development of its new technology, SAPA Placencia started the design of its entire SW family of transmissions for wheeled vehicle applications.

A concept aimed at reducing the power losses of the conventional powershifting transmission eliminating the torque converter, reducing the spin losses-due to hydraulic pumps and friction discs-, and providing efficiency greater than 90%.

Thanks to its unique and patented multigear concept, the transmission exhibits a very high ratio spread of 31 with 24 gears divided in equal steps with 16% increments. This allows a powershift, quasi-continuous variable transmission behavior and as a result an optimization of the engine operation.

These features provide very high mobility on extreme situations.

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