Auxiliary Power Unit BP-065

Auxiliary Power Unit BP-065

SAPA Auxiliary Power Units are custom designed for each specific application, always based on high performance SAPA generators. Our Auxiliary Power Units incorporate all the auxiliary systems necessary for its operation: air intakes, fuel, cooling. These units are designed to guarantee high availability and reduced maintenance. Our catalog includes units installed under armoring as well as in installations external to the vehicles.

The BP-065 APU represents the ideal solution for power generation in silent watch and surveillance missions. In addition to maintaining the characteristics of lightness, compactness and efficiency, this APU has been specifically designed to minimize acoustic signature with values of 75 dBA at 2m without generating audible noise at 200m. Its integration in back-pack format allows external installation in wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Electric power: 6.5kW @ 28Vdc

Rating & specification

Lenght (mm/in)Width (mm/in)Height (mm/in)Instalation Start
Power (kW)Voltage (Vdc)Speed (rpm)Cooling
Displacement (cc)# Cylinder FuelCooling