Electric machine MG-750

Electric machine MG-750

This 3 phase permanent magnet electric machine is conceived to work with internal combustion engines as alternator and/or motor. It is the perfect companion for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Its high operating temperature (up to 100ºC) and reduced volume allow an incomparable spectrum of applications in the field of electrified vehicles.

Electric power: 75 kW @ 700 Vdc.

Rating & specification

Max speed (rpm)Nominal torque (Nm/lb ft)max. torque, <60s (Nm/lb ft)Nominal Power (kW)Max. Power, <60s (kW)Max. efficiencyCoolantOperating temperature (ºC)
7200110/81.1 300/221.3 75 kW16597%Water-Ethyleneglycol 50/50-32 to 100
Diameter (mm/in) Length (mm/in) Weight (kg/lb)
240/9.5 245/9.6 38/83.8